The Beekeeping Show, Telford International Centre (Beekeeping Trade Show UK, Bee Trade Show UK, British Beekeeping Show)

Saturday 22 February 2025

Telford International Centre


(*Early-bird ticket entry 08.30)

The Beekeeping Show is the premier UK beekeeping trade show, attracting visitors and exhibitors from worldwide.  

1,850+ visitors and 60 exhibitors in 3,420 m² floorspace.

Central UK location, within minutes of the national motorway and rail networks; free on-site parking for attendees.


Telford International Centre

International Way

Situated in the heart of the UK and easily accessible by road, rail and air, Telford International Centre is the perfect venue for the premier British beekeeping show. 

The venue has over 1,500 car parking spaces on site, all within easy walking distance of the show hall. 

With over 400 hotel rooms within minutes' walk of the venue, why not take the opportunity to meet up and socialise with others with a passion for beekeeping, either before or after the event?

Beekeeping Show UK, Telford International Centre
The premier British beekeeping show, Telford International Centre

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